The Poor Man's Aston Martin

This web site is all about my restoration/modification of a 1971 MGB GT.  I've posted more pictures then text as they describe what I'm doing much better then reams of text.  If you want to have more details on a specific part of the project drop me a line and I'll be glad to share my experiences with you. 

February 2006:  I've got the motor in a most of the wiring loom.  Much of the cooling system has been designed along with the air intake.  Not a lot of text yet, but lots of new pictures on the New Engine 3 page.

June 2005:  Updates on the new engine installation, fuel system, oil pan, rad fan...  hope to keep web updated through out this summer. Yes the car will be finished sometime. 

January 2005: My brother has fixed all the broken picture links in the site so have a look around.  He's also done some editing to make the site more legible and spelling/grammar error free.

Nov. 2004 Things are looking a bit more promising, panels have been fitted and the new motor is in.

Follow the links on the side to see the car from beginning too.....

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Updated February 18, 2006

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