NOTE: The instructions and process have changed!!  Read carefully J

January 2015

Installing the database for a new user

1) click on the download file: Dallas_Case_Management.DT.mdb

2) select Save as on the pop-up window

3) In the Save as dialogue box navigate to your Z:\ drive and open the Database_FrontEnd folder

3.1) If the install is for a new user create a new folder in the root of the Z:\ drive called Database_FrontEnd

4) Click the Save button.  If you get a warning about replacing an existing copy click Yes

5) When the download is complete close the download progress box by clicking the X.  (DO NOT OPEN FROM HERE!)


6) If it does not already exist, create a shortcut to z:\Database_FrontEnd\Dallas_Case_Management.mdb on your desktop

7) login to test the update.  You may have to enable the content (yellow bar at the top, click the Enable button.)