After downloading please update your shortcuts!

The file you are about to download is in a different version of Access and your current shortcuts will not work.  After downloading, please delete your existing shortcuts and make new ones for this file – you can tell the new one as it ends in “DT2”.

Use Google Chrome to install the database.

November 2020

Installing the database for a new user – Use Google Chrome.  If you are reading this in Internet Explorer copy the URL at the top of the screen, open Chrome and paste the URL into the address bar. 

1) Click on the download file: Dallas_Case_Management.DT2.accdb

2) At the bottom left corner of the screen you will see the file download.

3) Click the up arrow next to the file and select “Show in folder.”

3) The Downloads folder on your Z:\ drive should open.

4) Check the file name, it should be Dallas_Case_Management.DT2.accdb.  If there is a (1) remove it (there may not be the .accdb extension showing).

5) Select the file (Dallas_Case_Management.DT2) and copy it (CTRL+C, or right click and select Copy).

6)On the left open your Z:\ drive and open the Database_FrontEnd folder.

7) Paste the file into the Database_FrontEnd folder (CTRL+V, or right click and select Paste).  If you are prompted, select “Replace the file in this destination.”

6) If it does not already exist, create a shortcut to Z:\Database_FrontEnd\Dallas_Case_Management.DT2.accdb on your desktop.

7) Login to test the update.  You may have to enable the content (yellow bar at the top, click the Enable button.)